Our Staff

These are our core team members working hard to bring clean air and green jobs to Charm City!

Dante Swinton

Environmental Justice Researcher & Organizer
Dante has had an interest in environmental protection for 20 years, and has worked with Energy Justice Network since summer 2015.  He has run for state and local office to raise waste/recycling, energy, transit, and domestic violence issues. Dante has Bachelors in Environmental Studies from Winthrop University, and a Masters in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Baltimore.

Mike Ewall

Founder & Executive Director
Mike has been active since high school in 1990. His activist work has helped many communities achieve victories against coal and gas power plants, landfills, incinerators, ethanol plants, medical waste facilities, and other noxious industries. Mike’s skills include research, writing, programming, organizing, networking, public speaking, legal work, policy analysis, advising and more. Find his full bio here.