Baltimore Reduces

We are excited to bring you the Baltimore Reduces campaign. 

The Baltimore Reduces campaign, as a part of the nationwide BYO-US Reduces network, aims to raise awareness about reducing waste and involves individuals and local businesses. By working together to consume less and make informed choices, our community can build new habits that make a positive impact on our environment while reducing the amount of waste being burned in Baltimore.

Our goal is to encourage everyone who uses takeout at restaurants to bring their own food and beverage containers demonstrating for other patrons and encouraging local businesses to allow this practice called BYO (Bring Your Own). This has worked in other communities across Canada and Australia, and several U.S. cities. Not only will businesses save money on single-use foodware,  they will also reduce waste, preventing litter and unfair pollution in nearby communities deeply impacted by the city’s toxic waste incineration program at Wheelabrator.

In the Reuse/Zero Waste movement, we all have a part to play. Customers come prepared with BYO containers, and businesses take the pledge to reduce waste along the way, minimizing what they can. We all win!

Together, everyone can play a part in minimizing waste.

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Map of Business Supporters

Check out our new map of businesses that have joined Baltimore Reduces

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